Indonesian Waqf Board is an independent state institution formed based on Law Number 41 of 2004 concerning Waqfs. This Board was formed in the framework of developing and advancing representatives in Indonesia.
Secretariat: Bayt Al Quran Building Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park (TMII)

Jl. Raya TMII Pintu 1 - Jakarta Timur 13560


T: +6221-87799232


F: +6221-87799383



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visitor since May 18, 2019

visitor since June 1, 2019 (Flag Counter Installed)

e-Waqf Library

e-Waqf Laws

Is. Legislation, rules and jurisprudence relating to waqf domestic and foreign

e-Waqf Tesis/Presentation

Is set thesis / thesis / presentation at endowments concerned with domestic and foreign

e-Waqf Dispute

is a case / case dispute about wakaf both domestic and foreign

e-Waqf Book

is a collection of books related to endowments at home and abroad

e-Waqf Jurnal

is a collection of academic journals related to endowments at home and abroad

List of BWI Libraries

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