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Muzara’ah berbasis Cluster sebagai solusi pengentasan kemiskinan petani di Indonesia

Irham Alifiandipura

Rural poverty is considered as a major challenge for the today‘s economies. Most of the poor people are living in rural areas, and most of them depends their livelihood on the income from agriculture sector. Cluster with the introduction of Islamic sharecropping based on al-muzāraʻa contracts can help the farmers to earn the average incomes that they would need to have. In this paper through qualitative means we have investigated the role of agriculture department and Cluster in poverty alleviation. The research is based on the theory that is sorted out via secondary data collection methods. We have mostly focused on journal articles, books, proceedings and article on websites. So we have developed a mechanism by which Cluster can help in poverty alleviation amongst rural farmers with the application of sharecropping and with the assistance of agriculture department created by the Government.

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