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Waqf is a part of Islam law that has been implemented by Muslim since Prophet Muhammad SAW age until today. Only few of waqf laws that regulated by As-Sunnah and most of it are regulated by ijtihad of the fuqahā. Currently, waqf institutions are regulated in legislation in many countries, one of them is Indonesia. Waqf have been regulated in Act no. 41/2004 about Waqf and Government regulation no. 42/2006 about the implementation of act no. 41/2004 about Waqf.

These acts manage waqf in comprehensive way, among the aims of waqf property are broadly defined, including for education vehicles and activities. In order for the objectives and the functions of waqf can be achieved, so these acts set the nazhir must manage and develop it in productive way. The successful of the nazhir can be achieved if all related components can be functioned as well, such as Religious Ministry, Indonesia Waqf Board, etc.

The nazhir, who successful to fulfill the mandate as sharia principles and provision act applied, such as management and development of waqf property in productive way, will provide opportunity to utilize the result for financing the Islamic education.

Kata kunci : Wakaf produktif, Harta benda wakaf, Pendidikan Islam, Pembiayaan, Pemanfaatan dan Peluang.

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