Indonesian Waqf Board is an independent state institution formed based on Law Number 41 of 2004 concerning Waqfs. This Board was formed in the framework of developing and advancing representatives in Indonesia.
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PENGELOLAAN WAKAF PRODUKTIF UNTUK PENDIDIKAN; (Peran Wakaf pada Yayasan Badan Wakaf Sultan Agung Semarang)

Abdurrahman Kasdi

Communal ownership (waqf) represent the religious institute in Islam which has a direct relation functionally with resolving effort of human problems, such as depressing of poorness, developing social security system, improvement human resources, empowering the Islamic economics, providing facilities of health and education. Thereby, productive waqf as a mainstream of forming the social justice and prosperity of moslem society has to powered by diging a number of economic potency and also its supporter facilities. This research aims to explain the empowering and enableness of productive waqf in Yayasan Badan Wakaf Sultan Agung (YBW-SA) Semarang. The researcher found some types of enableness which has developed by YBW-SA. For example: Type of enableness of productive waqf in developing effort, and to manage the Islamic hospital, asset, and educational institution.

Keywords: Productive Waqf, Education, Type Of Enableness, Philanthropy

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