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Indonesia has a large potential in the development of the cash waqf effectiveness. Cash wqaf is supposed to be an umbrella for movement and inspiration to overcome problematic that become a scourge for Indonesian namely poverty. Moreover Indonesia is a country whouse population are predominantly Muslim, and more interetigly is rich of waqf property in the form of land or sturdy built mosques, large land and so fort. Those are good opportunities and big challenges ass well for nazhir to further revive waqf practices through creative innovations. Therefore, those to consider to raise cash waqf in Indonesia is political willingness to implement it as it has been conducted in various muslim countries such as Bangladesh, Egypt, Sudan, Etc. Those Countries could be good examples for the Future cash waqf management in the homeland of Indonesia.

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Salin/Copy No Handpnone dan anda PASTE di BERITA TRANSFER dari Bank Anda ke Bank Badan Wakaf Indonesia

Jika Dana Wakaf Uang tidak diterima dalam waktu 2 x 24 jam (hari kerja - dibuktikan sinkronisasi data dengan pihak Bank), maka Formulir (AIW) ini dinyatakan BATAL.

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