Indonesian Waqf Board is an independent state institution formed based on Law Number 41 of 2004 concerning Waqfs. This Board was formed in the framework of developing and advancing representatives in Indonesia.
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Signifikansi Peran dan Fungsi Nazhir Menurut Hukum Islam dan UU No. 41 tahun 2004

Wahiduddin Adam

Nazhir in waqf activities does not constitute one of its principle (rukn). But, in its execution or implementation of asset management, Nazhir has a very central role. The development and decrease of waqf assets management is depended on nazhir. Therefore, not all people deserve to be Nazhir. There are specific criteria that must be met if a person or institution is to be assigned as Nazhir. Such criteria must be fulfilled in order that Nazhir be able to carry out the mandate given by waqif. Among the weigh that must bear the responsibility of Nazhir is to manage and maintain the waqf property, carry out the terms of wakif, preserve and defend the waqf property, pay the liabilities due to the management of waqf, distribute the results of the management of waqf, as well as repair damaged assets for the restoration of benefit. That is the mandate that must be embraced. If in the middle of the way, Nazhir were unable to carry out the mandate, he may be dismissed.

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